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Graphic Designer Resume: Template & Example (2022)

Graphic designing is the core of digital marketing. A talented designer uses his skill, technologies, and knowledge to produce a powerful visual that can communicate thoughts, represent ideas, or motivate people. While a designer's talent speaks for itself, a strong resume is required to put their work into writing and offer additional information about their abilities and expertise. Your CV is for communicating what happens behind the scenes—the talents, capabilities, and accomplishments that make you an exceptional designer.

Consider your CV to be a glimpse of your skills and experience—a sneak peek at what you can achieve. When it comes to composing your graphic design CV, there are a few guidelines to consider.

What is a graphic design resume?

The most typical document needed of a graphic designer in application forms is a graphic design resume, which contains a summary of your schooling, employment history, certifications, and other achievements. The core resume format remains the same for graphic design resumes title, outline, critical abilities, experience, schooling, and professional growth. It's also standard practice to include a portfolio of your work.

Use powerful action verbs, success statements, and contributions to know the purpose of your CV as often as the design and functionality. The core resume format stays the same for graphic resumes, emphasizing the information and method using powerful action verbs, achievements, and services.

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Graphic Designer

Graphic design resume template:

You'll need to spend more time fiddling with the formatting than filling in the data.

Suppose you make one, minor layout tweak, and BAM! Your resume's entire design gets ruined. Would you like to improve your life a little bit easier? Make use of a graphic design resume template.

Graphic design resume writing:

Personal statement: While this part may not appear in every graphic design resume, it allows you to quickly introduce yourself, your field of knowledge, and your career goals. It acts as an elevator pitch, catching your readers' attention and motivating them to learn more about you. Make it brief and competent, and use wording that is both complimentary and impressive.


Graphic designer having more than three years of practice. I'm looking to provide design excellence for Erica N. at Google with demonstrated imagination and graphics talents. At KS Inc. I generated 350+ projects while cutting costs by 20% in just 16 months.

Graphic Designer

1. Work history:

In chronological sequence, list your previous jobs and achievements, beginning with the latest and making your way back about your first (relevant) position. While there are no complex rules, entail the name of the firm you worked for, and a brief explanation of what they do is a good idea.

Then enter your job position and the dates you served there (including the month and year), as well as a few key points outlining your role and duties.

Use strong terms like 'managed,' 'lead,' and 'coordinated' to be clear and specific. Make sure, though, that you keep it real and honest. Take a glance at the graphic design resume examples for ideas.

2. Tailor your resume to the job description:

There are some things to consider when preparing a CV. Tailoring the 'Work Experience' part to the job you're looking for is a crucial component. While this may appear complicated, these minor adjustments are well worth the effort.

That doesn't imply you should exaggerate your expertise; instead, highlight specific abilities and features of your previous employment that could be useful in this position.

Is there any mention of cross-team interaction or the requirement to work autonomously, for example, in the job role? Consider whether you've worked in any of these fields before adding a phrase to prove it.

Perhaps you've previously collaborated with developers or copywriters, or you've served as a freelance graphic designer - all of which could be useful.

3. Portfolio:

Though your graphic design resume should demonstrate your design abilities, potential clients and companies will be looking for much more. Provide a link to your portfolio site, where you'll be able to convey your character and attitude even more creatively while showcasing your most excellent work.

In addition, including your resume on your site is vital graphic design portfolio advice. It's good that you either show your CV on one of your pages or include a file button that allows site users to access your graphic design resume when you build a portfolio.

4. Education:

Does educational background matter in a graphic designer resume? Yes.

Use the schooling portion of your resume to redefine yourself, and you'll rise nine feet above the competition. These samples of graphic design resumes demonstrate how to:

As an example,

  • Education
  • Broad Hill State University, BA Graphic Design
  • 2010–2014
  • 3.8 GPA (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Accepted into the Senior Achiever Program will allow me to construct my eCommerce site.
  • Worked as an illustrator for a student newspaper's weekly pieces.
  • Pursued a passion for internet layout and product packaging design.

What makes a graphic design resume important?

Your resume as a graphic designer is a vital marketing tactic that should show your brand identity. In actuality, your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile should all function together to push the idea you want.

The primary goal of resume writing is to create a simple document to read and comprehend so employers can quickly see why you're a good fit for the position.

Graphic artists need resumes for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Showcase of abilities-As of a graphic designer, you can highlight your design abilities in your resume to pique the recruiter's interest. On your resume, you may also list all of the graphic design skills you've acquired and how you plan to put those to work for the advantage of the prospective employer.
  • To be able to show off your achievements-It is critical to create a complete CV that highlights your accomplishments and illustrates your story of success.
  • Obtaining an interview-The purpose of a resume is to identify the most qualified individuals for an interview. Customize a resume that will catch the employer's attention.
  • You can promote yourself-The CV acts as a link between you and a prospective employer. The employer's rating of your resume will be affected by your resume's performance.

Writing a professional graphic design resume tip:

Some tips on how to make a solid graphic designer CV are:

  • Demonstrate your professionalism-On your resume, list the previous positions you've held in reverse chronological order.
  • Consistency- Keep the document format similar and use words to express each event in the bullet points.
  • Be Brief-Give information in simple language with few words. Make sure your resume is short and thorough.
  • Make sure to use resume examples that are relevant-Other related resume samples might help you learn how employers utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS) and what information to include in your resume.
  • Use terms related to one another and display solid and soft abilities; always incorporate graphics design-related terms in your CV.
  • Include all vital information-Because employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS), the most crucial component of your CV is your contact information, qualifications, and experience. You might include a talents section on your resume to show your abilities.
Graphic design resume templates:

Anna Smith

176 West Stone Road, Toronto


Graphic design manager


Graphic designer with a master's degree in visual arts and more than six years of expertise in Toronto. Editor of pictures, print manufacturing, turning ideas into designs, journal and book layout design, typographic, and social media layout specialist.

Work experience

Parkins HCC March 2017 - July 2020

Senior Graphic Designer

Duties and responsibilities
  • I created 15 final items every month by organizing and processing over 5000 raw photographs.
  • Tantrust solutions mock-up designs
  • Designed marketing items for enterprises and personal things for clients.
  • Designed promotional objects
  • The quarterly magazine was designed and laid out for printing
  • Various marketing materials were designed and produced
  • Partnership with graphic designers to create corporate gift cards
  • Created artwork for social media and accessories
Core skills
  • Working knowledge of the complete Adobe creative suite
  • Computer software
  • photography
  • Illustration
  • Design for social media marketing
  • Typography

OCAD University, Printmaking, and publications


  • Designing a website-Redesigned to strengthen the brand and provide a simple user experience.
  • Designing an app-Designed Book Pal App's flow to enable eye-friendly, seamless navigation across various displays.
  • Designing a Cookbook-For "The Ketogenic Companion," I created an attractive, sleek design and layout.
Career development
  • Adobe certified expert in InDesign and Illustrator
  • Visual College of Art & Design, Canada

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