Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Today, every firm must handle and address customer reservations and queries about the specific items or services they use.

Customer service jobs may be stressful. You can be the savior one minute, magically resolving a challenging client problem, and the next, you're interacting with a demanding person who is unhappy about the customer service.

To ace in customer service, one needs a unique set of talents. And, as the old phrase goes, if you're good at it, include it on your CV! Continue reading to find out how to write a stunning customer service resume.

What Does Customer Service Do?

Customer service representatives deliver accurate information product recommendations in a composed manner. Those who remain patient, cooperative, and considerate prove to be very good at these jobs.

Customer service representatives frequently deal with unsatisfied clients or face suchlike issues. In these situations, creativity and smartness are essential for efficiently solving challenges, as is mindfulness for being objective and courteous even when things get tough. Your cv is a great place to show off these talents and how well you know them.

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Customer Service

What Should a Customer Service Resume Contain?

The following are the major components of a customer service resume:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Contact Details

You can also include additional elements to leave a lasting impression:

  • Certificates & Awards
  • Languages
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Projects

Writing a Customer Service Resume:

Here is the guide to writing a good customer service resume:

1. Contact details

Your resume's contact info part must have the following:

  • Full Name
  • Professional Title
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Location
  • Relevant social networking sites are optional.

2. Clarify your goals:

Since the customer service sector is so vast, it's critical to decide what kind of job you want next. Are you interested in working at a call center, or do you want to work as a virtual assistant?

Of course, this will influence the sort of positions you apply for and, as a result, the way you customize your resume.

It's critical to tailor your CV to the position you are looking for in general. It's also not as difficult as it may appear. As a general guideline, if a job task is present in the job description and you have prior experience doing it, it should be included on your resume.

3. Resume summary or objective:

Customer service experts are continuously in demand by businesses. However, this aspect intensifies the competition. With this in mind, it's no wonder that recruiters only give each CV a few seconds of their time. If only there were a method to get the employer to read your entire resume?

The resume summary is similar in that they are short paragraphs that highlight your talents and experiences.

Do you have any relevant job experience? Make use of a summary on your resume. Have the talents but lack the experience to back them up? Use a resume objective to help you stand out.

4. Write Show-Stopping Bullet Points:

Using captivating bullet points to capture (and keep) a recruiter's interest and put your knowledge to life can help you stand out.

Try to go beyond merely describing what you performed in each capacity when crafting your CV. "Assisting consumers with problems" isn't quite as exciting as "proactively resolving over 30 customer complaints every day, leading in a 92 percent customer satisfaction rating," is it?

Use compelling verbs against job responsibilities wherever appropriate. This straightforward formula is a good place to start:

  • action verb + job responsibility + result

Key skills:

Workers with more job experience in this industry may benefit from including a list of critical talents in their CV. We propose that you highlight your customer service resume skills in the following way:

  • Supervision Skills in Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Training and Development for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)
  • Creating Customer Service Reports
  • Process Improvement in Call Centers
  • Management Skills

5. Education:

After stating your experiences, mention your educational background. There are no secrets to this area; insert your educational background in the following format:

  • Major & Type of Degree
  • Name of the University or School
  • Years in school
  • GPA, Honors, Courses, and anything else you'd like to include

6. Experience:

Job experience in customer service must be in reverse chronological order. Focus on customer service capabilities and particular achievements that show these abilities as much as feasible. If you merely put tasks on your CV, the employer will not consider it further. Here is how an example customer service resume suggests you accomplish it:

  • Customer retention increased by 30% when new call center operations were implemented to decrease customer wait time.
  • Developed a new technique for educating customer support representatives to ensure that they were more prepared for situations, resulting in a 15% reduction in mistakes.

7. Proofread:

Even if you think your resume is mistake-free, go over it again just in case.

Before you apply, it's also a good idea to have yet another set of eyes read through your resume, so ask other people, friends or relatives, or trustworthy coworkers if they'd be happy to do so.

Tips for Writing an Effective Customer Service Resume:

  • Keep it short:

You do not need to include all of the responsibilities handled by each position. Instead, state the essential information if you're new to cv composing, and be sure to brush up on creating resume job descriptions.

  • Use a resume example as a guide:

Your CV should be a one-of-a-kind document highlighting your personal job history and skills. However, use the samples to understand the language and the must-haves, but don't replicate it word for word.

  • Consistency is key:

Use consistent layout throughout the page and precise wording to define each task in the bullet points.


Sample Customer Service Representative Resume-Job Description:

Customer Service Representative

January 2018–January 2019

DaStuff, Los Angeles, CA

  • Answered queries about products and services and provided information about similar items and services.
  • Increased new client NPS scores by 10%.
  • A weekly average of 200+ orders from consumers, dealers, and agents were placed and canceled.
  • Maintained a database of consumer account information (incl. balancing and updating customer accounts.)
  • Prepared monthly client satisfaction reports.

Key skills:

  • Three times I was named Associate of the Month.
  • By evaluating reports and finding a critical process bottleneck, I assisted in settling a repeated product complaint, resulting in a 70% decrease in the number of complaints about this particular issue.
  • The customer retention rate was 40% higher than the company average.

Skills Belonging on a Resume for Customer Service:

The skillset you'll need to score the job may vary depending on the industry you're looking for a customer service position. Examine the job posting carefully to identify which skills are best applicable to the role.

Most customer service positions need the following general skills:

  • Experience with previous customers
  • Communication abilities
  • Patience
  • Understanding of the product
  • Skills in conflict resolution

The Best Customer Service Resume Templates:

The reverse chronological, functional, and hybrid resume templates are the most common. Each resume format has a specific function. The central fact is that a reverse chronological resume structure is nearly always the best option for a customer service role.

Review the fundamentals of each resume type below to determine which resume template is appropriate for your customer service position.

  • Format 1: Reverse Chronological Resume

The most often used format is the reverse chronological resume. It emphasizes the most crucial talents and lists your job experiences in chronological order to demonstrate that you are qualified for the position using your professional history.

  • Format 2: Functional Resume

It is a unique situation. It allows you to rearrange the job experience and accomplishments as needed to demonstrate your suitability for the desired position.

  • Format 3: Hybrid Resume

It's also known as the combination format. It allows you to focus talents and chronological work experience evenly to show transferrable skills and abilities that fit you for the role, which is less typical.

Which Format Is Best for a Customer Service Resume?

The reverse chronological resume style is ideal for practically all customer service job applicants. Unless you're in one of the following two scenarios, it's what we suggest:

  • You're looking for an entry-level job and have minimal or no job experience.
  • You have some employment experience, but it isn't in customer service. You'd want to change careers and work in the customer service business.

A functional or hybrid resume can be a good option if you're in one of these circumstances.

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