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College Student Resume: Template & Example (2022)

Writing a student CV for college may be difficult. It can be a challenging job for a student. Whatever job you're looking for, the fundamental issue is the same in the long run. You'll be up against a lot of people, most of whom will have far more experience in the industry than you. What strategy are you going to use to beat them? The solution is straightforward; write a student resume that stands out among the rest. Does it appear to be hard? Don't lose hope. Here is how to create a job-winning college student resume quickly.

What is a college student resume?

A college student's resume overviews your academic achievements and studies. Although you may have minimal working qualifications, you can highlight various extra-curricular activities and skills on your student resume. Include activities like summer camps, part-time jobs, volunteer roles, athletics, cultural events, and any other relevant past experiences.

Keep in mind that while hiring managers are conscious that you are beginning a new job, they do not expect an extensive resume from your end. They will, however, be looking for evidence of your maturity, passion, ambition, and hard work, so emphasize how education has helped you develop these attributes.

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What does a college student resume contain?

Your resume will have the following sections:

  • Header: Contact Info and a resume objective
  • Internships, extra-curricular programs, projects, and voluntary work
  • Education
  • Talents

We'll guide you through all these sections in this article and show you how to compose them in such a way that makes you shine out.

Writing a college student resume:

Here is a guide to how to write a college student resume:

1. Contact information:

As the name implies, the first piece of information will be your personalized and contacting detail placed in the top corner. It should be specific, so make it brief. Include the following in your contact details portion:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Email Address Phone Number
  • A link to a personalized webpage or a professional profile

Use a professional-sounding email address. In other words, something like " If you use an email address made in preschool (""), you're bound to make a wrong impression.

Pro tip:

Make sure that your contact information is double-checked and triple-checked. After all, if you have an error in the mobile number, the employer won't contact you.

2. Resume objective:

"Wow, this is a fascinating one." When the hiring manager views your student's resume, you want her to say those phrases. Here's how to go about doing it:

Make a student resume objective and place it directly beneath the contact information. A resume objective is a brief paragraph explaining why you are the best applicant for the job.

What's the challenging part? Set your student resume objective around your employer's benefit rather than your own. And what about the good news? There's a tried-and-tested method for that.

  • Start with your best quality.
  • Describe how your degree will help you do a good job.
  • Name the position you're applying for as well as the firm.
  • Demonstrate how you can benefit the firm.

3. Concentrate on education:

Make your academic background stand out. Include any accomplishments in addition to the name of your institution and degree, such as:

  • Any academic honors a good GPA
  • Relevant coursework
  • Program of exchange

List any courses you've done relevant to the job. If you attended a prominent university, you could usually put the school's name before the degree. You'll get the recruiter's notice quicker this way.

4. Work record:

This part should include all of your work experience, irrespective of whether it is relevant to the applied position.

Almost any professional expertise will provide you with practical knowledge that will help you as an application, whether the value of collaboration, the significance of functional communication skills, or how to deal with conflict. Apart from official employment experience, you can include a variety of other activities in this part, such as:

  • Internships
  • Job opportunities throughout the summer
  • Volunteer or charity work as a part-time job
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Positions of leadership
  • Programs of exchange

Each entry should include your employment title, firm or institution, dates, as well as a few key points describing your responsibilities and accomplishments.

5. Key abilities:

List any technological and soft talents that may be related to the position you're looking for in this section. Working as part of a team, excellent communication, and a strong work ethic exemplify soft skills.

Organizations are increasingly prioritizing multilingual candidates; therefore, you should include languages you can speak, write, or understand in this part.

It's essential to be as straightforward as feasible when describing your college student resume skills. Instead of simply putting "French," you could say that you spent a year as an exchange student in France and can speak the language.

Tips for Writing a College Resume:

Suggestions on how to write a successful college resume are below.

1. Make use of action verbs:

You can use action verbs to showcase your responsibility. To explain your accomplishments, use action words. Words like led, investigated, and created are used to revitalize your encounters. Practical examples can be present in a list of action words.

2. Keep it to one page:

Keep your resume length to one page and not exceed it. It may make sense to extend the size of this paper later in your career.

Student Resume

3. Pay close attention to the format:

When it concerns resumes, the small details are essential. It is a business document. Make sure to utilize a uniform font and font size, and keep all college student resume templates consistent. (If section headings are bold text, make sure they're bold text all the way through, not only some of them.)

4. When appropriate, quantify:

Use numbers to demonstrate your accomplishments whenever appropriate. For example, you may mention that you ran the cash register at a shop that grossed $10,000 per day or that you assisted 50 to 100 people at your sales job per day.

5. Demonstrate your qualifications for the position.

On your CV, make sure to choose the most relevant skills for each section.

6. Edit and proofread thoroughly:

Double-check your cv for errors before emailing it. You will project a professional image if your resume is mistake-free. Ask that a family member or friend read your CV on your behalf.

7. Make use of a resume sample:

Use a resume example (such as the one below) or a template to help you write your own. A resume sample can assist you in determining what type of content to include and how to construct your resume.

Other Sections to Include in a Resume with No Work Experience:

A resume without experience is full of extra space. You can use this area to add more segments that highlight your strengths as an individual! Here are some ideas for sections to include:

  • Interests and Hobbies:

Show your genuine enthusiasm and interest in the sector to add flair to your CV.

  • Include extra-curricular activities:

Since you are likely to have less job experience, highlight any non-work activities. Clubs, athletics, babysitting, voluntary work, and community service are examples of these activities. All of these activities can demonstrate your capabilities.

  • Awards & Certifications:

Do you have any certifications that prove your intelligence? Perhaps it's a diploma from an online class or an award in a competition. Awards and certificates, in any event, demonstrate that you are a winner, so make sure to mention them in their section.

College student resume example:

Do you have any more questions, or are you unsure where to begin? That is where a resume sample can help. It gives you a format that you can use. It also aids in visualizing how your no-experience CV should appear.

Good artists imitate; great artists steal, as Picasso phrased it. Use the following sample college student resume to help you write your student resume:

Bella Chris

4786 Bastion Drive

Philadelphia, PA 87634

(484) 376-8990


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

  • MA in English Literature, 2018
  • 3.7 GPA

Duke University, Durham, NC

  • BA in English Literature,2014
  • 3.4 GPA
  • Dean's list in 2016, 2017
  • Heinz Foundations Full Scholarship, 2016

Work Experience

New Age Journal, Boston, MA

Junior Editorial Internship, April-August 2018

  • I assisted writers in their research.
  • Fact-checked and reviewed the articles.
  • Assisted the managing editor.

Catch of the day, Philadelphia, PA

Worked as a waitress, From February 2015 through August 2017,

  • In a fast-paced atmosphere, providing exceptional customer service.

Key skills

  • Excellency with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • QuickBooks 1-year professional experience
  • Conversational Spanish Proficiency
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience as a leader

Associations and activities

  • Silver medalist, Two Oceans Marathon, 2014, 2015, and 2017
  • Active member, University of Pennsylvania Debate competition, 2017
  • Runner-up in the Elle Short-Story Competition, 2015
  • Section leader and member of the Boston Youth Choir from 2015 to 2017

Interests and hobbies

  • Avid multi-player gamer, primarily multi-player gaming
  • Passionate outdoorswoman, especially about hiking, fishing, and camping
  • Lead guitarist in The Fireflies band
  • Volunteer at several local retirement homes

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