Banking Resume Sample

If you’re looking for a career advancing job in the banking and finance industry, then there’s some good news for you. According to the latest report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was revealed that between now and 2024, there are going to be more than 600,000 new jobs created in the banking and finance sector. That’s an 8% increase.

This is absolutely great news for you if you’re seeking to further your career goals and professional aspirations in the finance industry. However, there’s one thing that you may be overlooking. Can you guess what that might be? Well, it’s likely that you aren’t up to speed with the latest finance hiring processes. And that ultimately means that your resume hasn’t been updated to match the current hiring standards and best practices. The most optimal way to get a good idea about how finance resumes should be like is to analyze sample resumes. Like this one:

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Banking sample

As you’re going through this sample document, you have to remember that there some of the most important factors in making a powerful finance resume includes professional formatting and an impeccable use of language. Your resume must across as professional and sophisticated – and at the same time, it should be able to effortlessly pass through ATS (applicant tracking systems). It’s all about getting noticed and getting in the room for an interview. And that’s exactly what Resume Era can do for you.

Factors that can Help Make Your Resume Powerful

Here’s why this sample resume is so impactful.

Brevity Matters

Hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes every day, which can be overwhelming. But what’s important to keep in mind is that they only spend a couple of minutes skimming through all those resumes. This means you won’t have a lot of time to impress them or get noticed. It’s important keep things crisp but short – easy to find and easy to digest. The best way to do that is put all your vital information in bullet points.

Focuses on Quantitative Information

As you can see, the numbers are easy to read and digest. Plus, the human mind tends to respond better to numbers. So, when creating a resume, focus on emphasizing your experience and achievements using numbers and bullet points. Also, don’t forget to use symbols.

Banking sample

The Sections are Clear with Nicely Formatted Headings

When it comes to formatting your resume, keep in mind that your headings must always stand out – the font for the headings must not be the same as the text that will come beneath it. You can also use bold text, white space, or a shaded box to adequately define your headings.

Plenty of White Space in the Resume

When it comes to white space, be sure to leave an adequate amount of white space all across the four sides of your resume. Don’t format the margins to stick out from the edge of the document. That also helps in the sense that it’s going to make things easier for the person who wants to take a printout of your resume.

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