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While advertising and marketing are both broad-spectrum fields, they’re closely related as well. Both careers offer a variety of different job positions, job descriptions, and occupations. However, no company can ever hope to function without a proper and streamlined advertising and marketing department. Both of them are directly responsible for a business’ products and services. And between 2021 and 2024, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that there will be more than 19,000 new jobs created. This is a 9% growth rate!

This great news for individuals looking to enhance their careers or for those seeking to start their careers in the advertising and marketing industry. While demand for professionals is on the rise, it’s still vital to have an impeccable, well-articulated, and professionally formatted resume. You have to remember that thousands of people will apply for the same job as you are – which means you need to become more noticeable.

Let’s take a look at a sample marketing and advertising resume that really hits the spot:

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Advertising Marketing

How this Advertising & Marketing Resume Will Help You Get Noticed

These are some powerful reasons why this resume will always work for you:

The Resume Resonates and Communicates Well

Just like how experienced marketing professionals develop extremely relevant and resonating product campaigns for their target audience, you should also do the same with your resume. The document needs to communicate your skills, knowledge, expertise, qualifications, and achievements in a profound yet easy manner. It should also contain relevant details on how you can become an asset for the company and how you’ve contributed to the growth and success of the previous company your were associated with.

The Resume Focuses on Strongly Highlighting Skills and Experience

There aren’t many people that make it a priority to showcase their skills and experience right at the top of their resumes. Some don’t do it at all. Keep in mind that the skills and experience section is considered to be a very searchable facet for implementing industry-based keyword optimizations – necessary for passing the ATS software.

Advertising Marketing

The Resume is Simple and Well-Organized

Your focus should never be on window-dressing your resume or focusing on what the potential employer wants from you. Your resume should always be about how you can be an asset for the company. What your skills, knowledge, and experience will bring to the table. How it will help the company grow. What matters is your achievement and accomplishments, not a pretty font.

The Resume Contains Plenty of Precision-Based Action Verbs

While many individuals choose to go for a fancy format and layout, when it comes to having a powerful and professional resume that can help you quickly land the job, you need to stick to industry standards. Your resume must look organized, with simple to read sections. Also, all the relevant information added in the resume must be easy to find.

Using action verbs in your resume is important. However, you must use verbs that are directly aligned with the type of position you’re applying for and those that adequately suit the industry. Here are some examples of action verbs for the marketing and advertising industry:

  • Implemented
  • Generated
  • Created
  • Designed
  • Consulted
  • Compiled
  • Influenced
  • Motivated

Being a professional marketer or advertiser, you already know how to connect with your target audience, reaching them on a more deeper and personalized level. Your resume should be the same way. At Resume Era, we create resumes that can help you quickly get recognized and selected for an interview within the first 60 days after you apply for a job. We guarantee it!

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