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There’s no doubt that the accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing are quickly growing to become some of the most sought after careers today. After all, every business needs a reliable accounting department for streamlined financials. As a matter of fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these careers are expected to propel by 11% by 2024 – which means, there are going to be 142,400 new jobs created!

When it comes to successful job applications, nothing’s more important than harnessing the true power of precision-based keyword optimizations. The job market has become highly competitive, and thousands of people apply for accounting and auditing positions. With that being said, you need to stand out of the rest and be noticed.

But to be noticed, you’re going to need a tailor-made, precision-based, and streamlined marketing tool that appropriately highlights your unique qualifications and core strengths, and experience in GAAP, auditing, and compliance.

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As an accounting professional, it’s safe to assume that you’re a focused, analytical individual with great problem-solving abilities. You’ve also worked hard to stay determined and focused on growing your career, gaining unique insights, expertise, and overcoming unique challenges to get to where you are. But that also means you don’t have any time to monitor the continuously changing accounting hiring standards or the best resume creating strategies. You’re a great accountant but struggle to update or rewrite your resume to reflect your unique qualifications.

That’s exactly what Resume Era is for! We have a robust and talented team of accounting resume writers with industry-experience and credible insights into accounting hiring strategies and practices. Our writers possess the unique talent to articulate your work experience – writing it in a way that eloquently highlights your attention to detail when it comes to skills like problem-solving and resolving critical discrepancies.

We write impeccable resumes that have the power to ensure hiring managers quickly realize your strengths, skills, and abilities in various facets such as reconciliations, reporting, and ledger entries. Here’s an example of how your resume is going to take shape:

Accounting Sample

Why This Accounting Resume Will Help You Find the Right Job

There are 4 powerful reasons why this accounting resume sample will work:

The Resume Contains Relevant Information and Quantitative Results

As you can see, the numbers are formatted to be short and easy to read. It’s scientifically proven that the human mind quickly reacts to and remembers numbers better than words. This is why it’s important to describe your achievements and qualifications using a blend of well-articulated content, symbols, and numbers in your resume.

The Resume Uniquely Highlights the Candidates Core Abilities and Strengths

Highlighting your strengths, qualifications, experience, and achievements can be simple. However, what’s difficult is making the potential employer quickly understand just what is it that makes you the right person for the job. Your resume has to talk about how you’ve been able to make a positive impact on your previous employers. This can entail a dearth of factors such as helping the company grow, increasing its profit margins, enhancing employee retention, etc. It’s not just about your role.

Accounting Sample

The Resume isn’t Objective

You can see that the resume doesn’t have any typical objective statements. The sample focuses on creating a powerful summary of the candidate – making it the center of attention. The summary is highlighted in bullet points, diligently and impeccably explaining the candidates key areas of specialization and then proceeds to delve into further, relevant details.

The Resume is Crisp and Short

Keep in mind that HR managers have to go through hundreds of resumes every day. They’re looking for vital information and key factors – if they can’t find any in the first minute or if the resume is too long – they have a good excuse to trash it. This is why it’s imperative to make your resume short and crisp – allowing recruiters and HR managers to see the right information as soon as they open your resume.

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