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Resume Examples & Samples 2022

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Accounting Resume

Your CV must catch the attention of your hiring manager. You're not alone interested in the position. With this accounting resume sample below, you can increase your chances of being recruited by composing the perfect Accountant resume. When applying for a job, each area in a CV is critical.

Accounting sample

Administrative Resume

The majority of assistant administrative responsibilities center around organizing and disseminating information inside a company. Resume writing is crucial in the job search process. The resume examples given below will assist you in creating an administrative Assistant resume.

Administrative Assistant

Aviation Resume

You've worked to be an expert in your area — not in resume writing — whether you're a pilot, A&P Engineer, or Defense Contractor. However, now that you're looking for work, you must have a CV. In the aviation resume example below, you can see how this strategy is used for yourself.

Aviation sample

Customer Service Resume

Customer service resumes frequently highlight qualifications and expertise in client-dealing positions and sectors. Highlight your interpersonal skills, organizational talents, and customer service experience while drafting your resume. Examine the customer service resume samples below to learn how to construct.

Customer Service

Banking & Finance Resume

Banking resume samples may assist you in correctly formatting and editing your resume so that you can land the dream job. Writing an excellent resume that showcases your abilities and qualities for companies to recognize you is critical. This example can assist you in writing your Banking resume.

Banking sample

Graphic Designer Resume

Even if you don't believe a CV to be a piece of art, you want it to get attention. A successful job needs a professional resume. If you want to be short-listed for the interview and get recognized for good positions, examine the following CV samples to learn how you might show employers your complete range of talents.

Graphic Designer

Sales Management Resume

You know how to motivate a group or person to achieve their goals. You need a job that will pay you to accomplish these things. The first obstacle in your application procedure is your resume. Our sales manager resume samples will provide you with excellent examples of high-performing resume methods.

Sales Management

Teacher/Professor Resume

Teachers are a society's foundation. It might be challenging to not down all of your expertise and talents on your resume. Teachers and teachers' assistants with all types and levels of expertise have used these samples to secure employment. Now is a good time to start putting together your skills in writing your CV.


Marketing Resume

Getting your CV seen by hiring managers is difficult but not impossible. Using this marketing and advertising resume sample will make your resume more attractive. Then you'll almost certainly acquire the job you've always desired. You can figure out what to add by looking at the sample below.

Advertising & Marketing

College Student Resume

Finding a job as a college student might be difficult. The less employment knowledge you have, the more attention your resume needs. This college student, like other resumes, should be attracted, and the sample below can assist you in showcasing your character, qualities, and commitment to secure that job interview.

Sports & Coaching

Cashier Resume

An excellent CV portrays the cashier as a capable professional who knows target consumers, demonstrates product knowledge, and can handle the pressures of working in a fast-paced setting. Continue reading for a given professional cashier resume sample that will earn you more meetings.

Sports & Coaching

Data Analyst Resume

If you want to work as a Data Analyst, you'll need a resume that will catch the eye of employers and stand you apart from the competition. These resume samples may provide you with all you need to strengthen your resume and boost your chances of landing a job.

Sports & Coaching

Babysitter Resume

The battle for a babysitting job is fierce. A professional CV may help you demonstrate your maturity and boost your chances of landing the job, but you must also demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for caring for toddlers. View a sample babysitting resume or get a Word template for a babysitter cv.

Sports & Coaching